Fun with Immigration

I don’t really have a strong opinion, but imigration  ( “illegal immigration”) sure seems to get people going.

Immigration is  something people project onto. 

If you feel insecure about your financial staus, immigrants represent a economic threat.

If you are confused by the new people with their  different languge and customs, they are a “threat to our way of life”

if you are bewildered by the post nation state world, they are a reminder of the futility of borders and breakdown of

social stability.

They are uneducated  peasants, from corrupt countries, not unlike  the majority of american ancestors.

I get that some people feel as if it doesn’t pay to play by the rules any more.  That we are sliding into chaos.

I understand that the accelerating rate of change is disorienting for many.

I’d like to suggest that human societes have always been  unstable and fluid.  


I  interact with immigrants every day and  generally  find them hard working and reasonable.

Except Enrique. Dude, where’s my ladder?  You said you would bring it back last week.


For the longest time, i couldn’t figure out why  it was so easy to cross the southern border.

I mean, dont we have satellites that can zoom in on a flea, unmanned mini planes,  infrared equipment, and  motion and audio sensors?

it’s not like they are crawling through a dense rain forest. We are talking desert here.

Then a bulb went off;

Big Business likes the status quo  just fine.

They are addicted to cheap labour.

Hotel chains, fast food chains, agribusiness, meat processing, construction, etc.

They love an endless workforce that  can be deported if they ask for too much money

or a safe work place.

You just have to deport enough people now and then  to create the threat and keep them from getting too comfortable.


I have  also come to suspect that the money that is paid to the “coyotes” makes it’s way up the food chain, along with drug smuggling money, to the highest levels of government on both sides of the border. That’s right Presidentes, I’m calling you out!

Los politicos use immigration fears when they need to mobilze certain groups of votors, but it’s all for show.

Last week, Immigration agents were going on a rampage here through less visible latino neighborhoods and rounding

up busloads of people. One of the agents told someone I work with that they were ordered to deport as many people as possible before new president obama issues any  changes in policy.

Is this what it felt like in the period right after the civil war?

2 Responses to “Fun with Immigration”

  1. valeriesoe Says:

    What are you, a communist or something?

  2. mrpoopypants Says:

    Militant agnostic

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