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  1. valeriesoe Says:

    Hey, I do get thirsty every half hour! Drinking fountains are fine but they can also be nasty.


    And as far as plastic water bottles are concerned–we all know about the pacific gyre plastic island right?


    So I’m sticking to my metal water bottle, even if it’s not hip or sexy.

    • mrpoopypants Says:

      water is cool, but it’s a recent american cultural event to never be more that a few minutes away from your next sip.
      As Americans, we always think we have the best and latest solutions to problems, even if they don’t exist.
      I find it helpful to look around at other societies both contemporary and traditional and see how they have worked things out.
      In my brief survey, middle class americans seem to be the only ones who currently feel compelled
      to carry their own decorative water source with them at all times.
      But hey, enjoy. : )

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