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August 26, 2009




Bush Car – My Funky Hood #11

August 8, 2009


Was walking  down the street one day and noticed  that a bush had been trimmed into the shape of a car.

Further inspection showed that car parts had been integrated into the bush.

The artist came  home while i was pondering  the bush.

He was from hong kong and didn’t speak a word of english.

He was string thin and  dressed in a suit and tie that was ancient and rumpled.

As was he.

I’d guess his age as around eighty, maybe even  more.

He gave me a  wave with his nicotine stained hand, and went inside.

That was a while ago.

I just finally got around to going back with my phone to take  these photos,

and found it kind of forlorn looking.

For instance, there are some headlights that are not visible here due to overgrowth.

I hope he’s ok.