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  1. Nick Says:

    When I came to thus country in 1979 I had to pay money for the green card , for the passport
    ecc. I did everything legit.
    If other folks get the right to live and work here without being legit then the joke is on me.
    Many illegal aliens say say that they r coming here to work and support theyr familys. R they sayng that I who came here legit from the ol’country came here to rob banks or sell drugs?
    Sell drugs because there is a demand?
    Or maybe it’s the other way around( no supply
    will shurely eliminate the demand).
    If there is a law then it should be applied equaly

  2. mrpoopypants Says:

    well it does seem unfair to enfore rules unevenly.
    gotta admire the initiative of the folks who make there way here, though.

    saw a movie you might like called ” sin nombre” about honduran immigrants.

    check it out.

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