Gentrification Transformation

Bar = wine bar

Corner store = whole foods

Autobody shop = bike shop

Martial arts storefront = yoga storefront

Pawnshop = pre owned baby clothes shop

Broken pontiac = new audi

Butcher = artisan cheese shop

Dollar store = art gallery

County Social Services = Dog therapy

Methadone clinic = individual brew coffee

Emergency room = aromatherapy shop

Cabinet shop = clothing boutique

Tattoo parlor = Tattoo parlor

Evangelical church =  Buddhist temple

Rent party = benefit

Hoops = slack rope

Raiders jersey = Man U jersey

Track suit = hemp clothing

Boarded up windows = double insulated, high e windows

Satellite dish = solar panels

Nail Salon = tanning salon

Pit = Golden retriever

Corner preacher = author’s  book reading

Chips and pepsi = oatmeal and hot cocoa

Getting by = self actualization

Alive = Lifestyle

Good Enough Diploma = Graduate degree

Year in Juvi = year abroad

Got your back = letter of recommendation

Sideshow= burning man

5 people in 2 room apartment = 2 people in 5 room house

Check cashing store = 401 K


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